A client reached out to me and asked me a question that I decided to answer in a blog post. I figured there are more people who want to know where to find foreclosures in Frisco, Dallas, Plano and Fort Worth, so I put together this blog post for her and anyone else interested.

Where to Find Foreclosure Listings in Dallas, Frisco, Plano

Finding foreclosures is easy, buying foreclosures in a good market like we're in Dallas Fort Worth in 2022, takes high level of skill that most non-professional, non-investor clients will not have. 

There are many places to find foreclosures, but the question is, what stage is the foreclosure in, and how many other people know about the foreclosure? The best foreclosures for investors to buy are those that are in pre-foreclosure, that is that the home owner is just getting into financial trouble and are behind on their house payments by a few months, and heading for home loss.

Unfortunately, these people usually bury their heads in the sand and don't take care of business like they should because they're battling other overwhelming life factors. Asking around and staying connected in the community and letting people know you want to buy a foreclosure property and help these people out is the best way to find these folks.

Other ways to find foreclosure listings include:

1. Real Estate Agents - Home Investors and whole sale real estate pros tell me the #1 place they get pre-foreclosures and foreclosures is from real estate agents. They reach out to all the agents all the time to fish around for a good deal on a foreclosure.

2. Public Records - You can look up foreclosure properties on the public records, such as Dallas County CAD and court records.

3. Foreclosure Listing Service - You can pay a listing service such as Roddy's Foreclosure List to find foreclosures. There are dozens of lists and some are better than others. If the list is too widely used, then the foreclosure home owners will be very tired of being inundated with calls, and the listing will not be easy to get.

4. Search Bank Websites - You can search bank websites such as Bank of America and Chase Bank for foreclosures.

5. Zillow - Zillow offers foreclosure listings. Zillow Foreclosure Center.

6. Real Estate Auction - Homes are sold monthly by banks and the government at real estate auctions.

The problem with buying foreclosures right now in current market conditions in Texas is that there are 100s of investors looking for homes, so you have the competition of at least 20 other people who also want the home. As an individual buying a foreclosure, you will likely pay a premium. There are better ways to get good deals on real estate for the individual, and I can help you. Give me a call to discuss getting a home for a good price in the DFW Marketplace.

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