The Seller Disclosure is a form that is needed for all real estate transactions dealing with a dwelling. This form is vital for you to fill out as a Seller, because it documents the known defects, issues and details about the home that any buyer needs to know. The Seller Disclosure protects you from future liability if something goes wrong with the home. Not disclosing major issues can lead you to liability in the future, so it's vital that you disclose everything possible to keep you safe from future legal issues.

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Facts about the Seller Disclosure:

  • Every page of the Seller Disclosure must be initialed by all owners of the property.
  • The Seller Disclosure must be signed by the Seller on the last page.
  • The Buyer will also be signing the Seller Disclosure.
  • A good, informative Seller Disclosure gives buyers more confidence in purchasing your property.
  • Having your Seller Disclosure available at the time your listing goes live is ideal and helps your property transaction run more smoothly.
  • If you do not know about a question on the Seller Disclosure, ask your agent or check the "Unknown" box.
  • Important factors to add to the Seller Disclosure include, but are not limited to:
    • Past Insurance Claims
    • Age and Type of Roof
    • Items that are defective in the home
    • Items that were defective but have been repaired in the home.
  • When in doubt, disclose, disclose, disclose--it protects you from future issues.
  • If possible, include the utility information on the Seller Disclosure.
  • If possible, include any HOA information on the Seller Disclosure.
  • Fill out every blank on the Seller Disclosure to the best extent possible.
  • The Seller Disclosure must be provided before the home goes under contract, or it could cause problems within the provisions of the contract including the buyer's ability to get out of the contract. 

Don't be worried about filling out the Seller Disclosure! It's just one more step in the process to moving to the next chapter in your life... Before you know it, you're property will be SOLD and we'll be at the closing table.


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